We have expertise in native mobile application development, intuitive design & successful deployment. Many of the applications that we have developed have a large scale of user base.


  • Applications that communicate with remote servers to send & receive data using REST API.
  • Image & Video processing applications development.
  • Third party login integration that includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & Sign In with Apple.
  • Location based application development that requires persistent user’s current location updates for real-time tracking.
  • Animations & Interactive User Interface(UI) for application to provide a rich design interface.
  • Applications that require in-app purchase (or IAP) to charge users for specific features or content while using an app.
  • Payment gateway integration for secure bank transactions.
  • Remote notification integration to provide real time updates to users.
  • While dealing with network calls Data Security comes first. We always apt for Authentication & Authorization for each network request.
  • Data transmission over the network requires authenticity & reliability. We all the time execute certain algorithms for encryption & decryption of data from server end & from mobile end as well.

Programming Environment

  • For iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) development we are using Apple’s brand new Swift programming language. (Support for Objective-C projects)
  • For Android (Phone/Tablet) development we are using Google’s brand new Kotlin programming language. (Support for Java projects)
  • In terms of development, Programming Fundamentals is an essential thing that we always care about. That includes MVVM design pattern, SOLID coding principles.
  • Robust & Scalable application development to provide long term support & ease of application development scalability.
  • Apple development IDE (Integrated Development Kit), we are using Xcode.
  • Android development IDE (Integrated Development Kit), we are using Android Studio.